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Wet & Wild

Well, here I am at my “home” resort of Dodge Ridge for a day of snowboarding… It started snowing about 45 minutes ago and I’m very seriously considering going back home. This isn’t the light fluffy stuff they show in … Continue reading

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Just started my car to get things warmed up. It’s 31 degrees outside! It’s not more than about 50 inside. It seems that the poor li’l gas in-floor heater isn’t holding up to the challenge… It’s kind of like my … Continue reading

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Wow, I’m just thoroughly and completely exhausted. I just got back to the hotel after a long day of snowboarding at Heavenly Ski Resort. During the day the massive storm they predicted would roll in, did. In fact, it had … Continue reading

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Lotta Busy

Well! It certainly has been a busy week for me. Work’s been pretty good. I’m slowly plugging away at it and getting into the swing of things. Once again, I feel like I’m a SysAdmin in a Tech Support role. … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain!

Well, that’s what they say about exercise and the good it does to you – if you don’t feel the burn, you ain’t working out, no? Well, I’m not too sure about that. However, I do know that I feel … Continue reading

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