End of Summer!

Well… It’s the end of “summer vacation” for many people. I worked through mine. It wasn’t the highest paying job, nor was it the most active job I’ve ever had, but it did keep me busy for the last several months.

I’ve had most of last week off, as well as this week, but I’ve not been lazy. Well, except for today, but I’ll get to that later. I’ve been doing the footwork to get myself situated for college. I need financial aid, grants, and any sort of money to live on while I go to school full time.

I start classes on Monday the 31st of August.

That’s one week away.

I still have plenty I need to do before then. I’ve done the application for my student loan. I’ve got the Pell grant. I need to talk to the EDD and see if I can get money while I’m going to school. Two of my classes this semester are essentially career retraining classes for me. I’ve been told that I should be able to get UI benefits while going to school if I’m retraining, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

For the last ten years or so, when asked in interviews, “Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?” my answer has always been systems administration and network admin or security. Getting my CCNA certificate would be a HUGE step in getting in on the networking side of things. If, after I’ve been working in the field for a year or so, I decide that I really like the networking field, I’ll go for the CCNE and try to get into network engineering and design.

Even if I don’t end up enjoying the work, I’m still looking forward to going to school. My major is currently Computer Sciences, but I’m also interested at this time in a second possible major: Creative Writing. I do like to write, and that major may be a good step toward becoming an author.

Either way, I’m very excited about school.

And before I sign off for the night. I owe a HUGE thank-you to my Mum and Dad. They paid for my English and Math books. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. I was really nervous about starting school without my books.

One last thing. My WoW accounts expire this weekend. By the time I wake up in the morning, both of them will be frozen. This will be for me; I’ll have more time to study.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!

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2 Responses to End of Summer!

  1. Ol' Dad says:

    A new chapter in your life is about to open for you. Wonderful!

    Love ya’

    Ol’ Dad

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks, Pop!

    I picked up my books today, but I’ll blog about that here in a minute. 🙂

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