High Score!

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Well, tonight’s bowling session started out like any other – if not a bit better – with a 119 for the first game. My goal has been to consistently bowl over 100.

Two weeks ago, I got a Mongoose wrist brace to help keep my wrist from breaking back while throwing the ball. The first day I used it, I did very well with a 125 pin average. The next two times I bowled, I averaged about 95. 🙁 Not a happy way for me to go. I had decided that I was no longer friends with my Mongoose.

Anyway, the second game tonite was looking very much like the previous two trips to the lanes. I couldn’t pick up any spares, and kept gutterballing. It sucked. I bowled a 79. I was ready to kill myself before the end of the game, and in my frustration, I took off the Mongoose and did two frames without. I bowled a strike in the 9th frame and picked up a spare in the 10th.

Rejuvenated by the last two frames of game two, I put the brace back on, and tried to do what I’d done those two frames. Game three saw only three open frames (not knocking down all 10 pins), one spare and SIX STRIKES!!! I beat my previous high score of 167 by exactly twenty pins!

My new high score is now 187.

The fourth game I threw this evening was a fairly respectable 143, considering I’ve only been bowling about three months tops. I managed to pick up all but four spares and kept working on my consistency. I’m now friends with the Mongoose again. I can’t wait to tell my buddies at work about it. 🙂

Okay, I go sleepies with smiles tonite. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!

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