Phone-y Funday

So I was on my way to an NA meeting when I received a call on my cell phone. I answer and get nothing but dead silence. I hit the hangup button thinking it’s a dropped call. After I get to the meeting place (only to find out that the meeting’s been rescheduled for the summer months without such notification on the schedule) I notice that my phone looks like it’s still in that call!!! WTF??

That POS I had has been locking up worse than Win95/98 ever did on any of my machines for the past two weeks. Today I decided that enough was enough. I went to my friendly ‘hood Verizon store and got a new phone. This one has features I could only wish my old phone had – Vibrate, Voice Dial, etc. It’s even got some nifty shits and giggles such as a Calculator and a Country Code applet. The guy at the store gave me a $50 credit for my old phone and billed the cost of this one to my account. This phone didn’t cost much after everything was said and done. Hopefully this one works better than the old one.

Also today, I finally got to visit with my sponsor for the first time in a long time. We went over my 2nd step stepwriting and he thinks I’m ready for the 3rd step. I’m pretty excited. After being in the program for 8 years, I still haven’t finished this step. It’s time to finally move on and grow up in the steps. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

Anyhow, I’m gonna go tend to dinner. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!

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