Throwback Thursday

I posted this to my Facebook, but decided I should go ahead and post it here as well.

For today’s throw-back Thursday, I’m going back to 2011, when I’d just finished my first ever ride up to the Lick Observatory, from home – six months ahead of my goal for that year! I would go on to ride up Mount Hamilton eight more times that year. I’m looking forward to trying to get 10 rides up this awesome mountain this year.

Me atop Mount Hamilton with the Trek

This was the first time I rode up Mount Hamilton.

My goals for that year were simple. In other for me to justify spending $1500 on a bicycle, I decided that I was going to try and ride 800 miles for the year. By the time March rolled around, I’d just kicked over the 800 mile mark. Then I made a personal goal of completing a ride up Hamilton by the end of summer, which I’d achieved by the beginning of May. Finally, without realizing it, I’d achieved my goal of riding a century by riding to Santa Cruz and back on my own one sunny spring day.

I only have two goals this year: finish Climb to Kaiser, and finish the ride I’d stayed back in July of last year when I got sideswiped by the RV.

This year will mark my third attempt at the Climb to Kaiser. The first year, I made it to the top, but didn’t have the energy to make it back down. I was pretty beat when I got there. Last year, I didn’t even make it to Shaver lake. With 100-pluss degree weather, once I got to the top of Old Tollhouse Road, I was done. I crossed the 4-lane road and made my way to the rest stop on the other side. During the last stretch back to the school, my Garmin Edge 500 had a temperature reading of 119°.

The heat was BRUTAL.

This year, I’ll have better gearing, and hopefully I’ll be in much better shape. I really want that damn finisher’s jersey!

As far as the route for the 2nd Annual Bay Area Cogal is concerned … I need to finish that route. I feel like I’m missing something by not completing that ride. Some day in the summer, I’m going to give that a try – solo or in a group – and I’m going to persist until I’ve finished!

Did I mention I have a new bicycle? Yeah, she’s sexy. She doesn’t have a name, but boy is she a nice ride:

Me and Mrs Volagi

Having just finished getting fitted, I decided I should get my photo taken with the new gal.

Mrs Volagi

There she is, just after getting a V-cog sticker attached.

Well … that’s all for me for today. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!

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