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Live in Pennsyltuckee!

Well, here I am in Lansdale, just outside of Philly. I drove out here in my rented Chevrolet Impala yesterday, and that was an adventure in and of itself. I learned something about Pennsylvania Drivers Hospitality (worse than the bay … Continue reading

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Chicago’s a Windy City

Yeah, and if you didn’t already know that, you haven’t been living very long. Today was day 3 in the greater Chicago area. I had my second foray into Chicago proper. Today I went to the Museum of Science and … Continue reading

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Travel Day 1

Well, here I am, sitting in SJC just opposite the security checkpoint. I’ve got internet thanks to PDAnet for iPhone. It’s kinda weird – my notebook doesn’t get a real IP address – it gets a self-assigned address, but it’s … Continue reading

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A Taste From Childhood

Well, today I had a dinner that I haven’t had since I was still living in Modesto or more to the point, with my Mom and Dad. I had my dad’s Spanish Rice recipe. Not a particularly difficult dish to … Continue reading

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Happy Tax Day!

Well, here I sit, at home, at 03:15. I’ve got the new Music Choice Retro Rock channel playing on the TV at the moment, and I’m just relaxing in my comfy chair. I tried to play WoW after getting home … Continue reading

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