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New Album in the Gallery

I posted a new album in my gallery today. I’ve been using my iPhone to take photos the last week while I’ve been out hiking. Most of the pics shown in that gallery were taken along the Coastal Trail between … Continue reading

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No More Porn…

Well, I don’t work in porn anymore. As of today, I am no longer a FriendFinder Networks employee. I won’t go into the gory details, but I will say that the biggest factor in my stress and depression over the … Continue reading

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… Mostly Finished …

Just in case anybody wanted proof that I can, indeed, clean my place up a bit… Take a look at this new photo gallery with pictures of the new chairs and a VERY visible floor! Friday night, I went to … Continue reading

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Long Time, No Power

For the first time since I moved to Santa Clara back in 2002, we had a power outage lasting more than an hour. That’s 6.5 years so far with no major outage. Sadly, as with the last brown-out that took … Continue reading

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More Space!

Well, today I gained a new Garbage Disposal and lost a couch and bookcase/nightstand. My friend Lee came out from Modesto to take the couch – a 2-person over-sized love-seat – home. My only price? Help me put the disposal … Continue reading

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Don’t Vote… A Google PSA.

Here’s hoping that Reverse Psychology works. I find this li’l video amusing. Near the end of the video, they say to pass it on to 5 people. I think I have 5 readers of this site. So here’s the soon-to-be-viral … Continue reading

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