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Where in the World…

…have I been? Well… over the last two weeks, I’ve been helping prepare the new digs for my employer. Last week from Monday through Sunday I put in 74 hours, including Saturday and Sunday, helping prepare the networking and servers … Continue reading

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Going Private

I’ve set my post from Wednesday afternoon to Private. I figured I’ve had enough people read it, and while I don’t want to delete it, I don’t really want it publicly available anymore. But again, I need to thank all … Continue reading

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Feeling Better Now

So yeah, even though the defeatist attitude I had in today’s earlier post (now flagged as private) may have shunned some prospective managers away, I’ve had a good chance to talk more about things since. I’m feeling MUCH better now, … Continue reading

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That’s a lot of credit…

So there I was, just surfin’ and watching my TiVo HD, and my buddy pops up in IM. We chat for a while and he casually mentions that he was in the process of getting his free annual credit reports … Continue reading

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TiVo HD!

I finally ditched my Comcast POS DVR and got a TiVo HD. Man, I have to say that it’s VERY nice having a TiVo again. The Comcast DVR is decent and gets the job done, if you only need to … Continue reading

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