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Wow. The muscles in my hands burn, my wrists feel floppy, and my forearms are slowly relaxing. All this from only 15 minutes of beating on a practice pad. I bought a pair of sticks and a practice pad at … Continue reading

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iTunes Debacle

So a week or so ago, I decided to download and install the new iTunes for Windows. It was a pretty-looking program, but at first I hated it. Then I reinstalled Windows XP on my desktop machine. iTunes became the … Continue reading

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Home Cooked

Well, this has certainly been an interesting week for me. (Click the MORE link below to read the useless rundown of my week’s activities) So what was so interesting about the week? Well, Sunday last weekend found me home and … Continue reading

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Ever wonder what happens after dark when geeks congregate in IRC? The following is not for the faint of heart! Click the “more” link to read this horrifying discussion! 😉 Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!

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Wow! This has got to be the best, most biased, and only thing I’ve bothered to read concerning the fate that’s about to bestow itself upon California: Hasta La Vista, California! With Schwarzenegger as guv, CA prepares to evolve into … Continue reading

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