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Credible Credit? What A Scam!

So I tried using my new card for a few things over the last few days only to find that it was being rejected EVERYWHERE. This perturbed me so I started looking into the matter. Yesterday I went to the … Continue reading

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Long Lost Peripheral!

Well, I finally got the one peripheral I’ve been wanting for the last many years – my very own laser printer. I happened upon an HP LaserJet 1100se at Best Buy the other day. This is one sexy little printer. … Continue reading

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Car Crazy

Well, I’ve had it for about two months now and I still love my new car. Eventually I’ll have pictures of it up here as well. Today, I’m in Modesto to celebrate Father’s Day. I took the back roads getting … Continue reading

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Credible Credit?

Whoa! I’m surprised now. Really and officially surprised. A few weeks ago I got a deluge of dead-tree spam (aka junk mail) from Capitol One trying to get me to sign up for a Platinum card (with a balance of … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend!

Well, it’s the weekend, and the weekend’s almost over at that. I’m just relaxin’ here at home, watching the FIM World SuperBike races on Speed Channel. I actually meant to sit here with some music and read my book, but … Continue reading

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Well, after over a year and a half of grief, Q! has decided to call it quits for the cynic. The domain is for sale. I’m sorry to see it go, and I certianly hope that the new owner … Continue reading

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